Build a complete industrial AIoT ecosystem

  • TANGRAM IoT Cloud Data Management
    Provides simple, fast and secure services and environments, diversified application components and agreements, reduces the cost of IoT maintenance, and improves the efficiency of construction.
  • TANGRAM IoT Cloud Data Analysis
    Use artificial intelligence technology to find out the abnormal potential signal of the machine tool components.
  • TANGRAM IoT Cloud Data Display
    The only simple interface for complete acquisition, management, visualization of sensors and sensing data.

TANGRAM IoT Cloud is currently contained

  • project
  • Number of stations
  • sensors

TANGRAM IoT Cloud Service Project

  • Device Networking
  • Application development
  • PaaS environment
  • Information Security
  • Data Analysis

Access from a single platform
all different devices and sensing data

TANGRAM IoT Cloud collects data from different sensing devices and accesses them from a single platform. The platform provides APIs that comply with the IoT International OGC standard, allowing users to upload data to the platform through a simple API, safe and efficient. The platform uses RESTful, MQTT, WebSocket, CoAP and Kafka as a contract, and uses JSON as a data exchange format to provide users with the easiest and fastest way to interface with the platform.

About the TANGRAM IoT Cloud

  • Device Networking
    Device development agreement, device plug &play mechanism, simplify networking and access operations
  • Application development
    Provides common components, standard access interfaces, transport protocols, etc., to quickly build application services
  • Information Security
    Provide authentication mechanism, encrypted communication, data confidential storage, etc.
  • Data Analysis
    Big data database is stored and elastically expandable, providing models for self-learning and predictive analysis
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